Saturday, November 29, 2008

Win 6000$, contest from John Chow and

John Chow is holding a new contest to give away $6,000 in CASH! $5,000 would go to the charity of your choice and $1,000 will go to you to spend however you want. If I win, I would give the $5K to, always wanted to help them because they always help me :) and I would put the $1,000 into a online flash games website business.

The contest is being sponsored by is a tiny url service that can shorten very long website URL's. Sign up for an account and check it out!


arun said...

got u from john chow..

seems u got pretty new stuffs..

grab a free .com domain n free space here

rush soon!!

if u find it worthy give me a link in ur site..

Joe said...

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